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Detecting Drugs Use with the Hair Strand Drugs Test

Basic Facts Regarding Hair Drug Screening


When it comes to testing for drug use in legal cases, a hair test will often be used by a solicitors legal team. For those who are not familiar with hair screening, it is an examination which identifies specific drugs used by a person by testing a small sample of their hair. When the drugs has been ingested and processed by the human body, metabolites are produced and are inserted into hair follicles and are detected by the hair strand drug test. Normally, such a test goes back to a period of approximately ninety days which means that even if the person being tested used a specific drug three months ago, it can still be detected by the test. The five drug classes for which a hair strand drug test can be conducted are: Read More...

Hair Strand Testing To Check Drug Abuse

Hair strand testing is an innovative approach in testing the use of drugs through an analysis of a hair strand. It could be used to establish and verify the words of your children, if you suspect them of getting addicted to some persistent illegal substances. It not only determines the presence of drugs but also provides a complete historical record of drug abuse. As a parent, you get to know and understand, if your children have gone into the history of chronic substance abuser or have tried it only for once.* Hair strand testing is also used by corporates, forensics, insurance, maritime, rail

What Are the Issues That Surround Reporting Healthcare Problems?

The health sector, being the most sensitive, is expected to be at its best in improving the quality of life. Like in all fields, the healthcare system requires a formal system of reporting healthcare activities. This includes, but is not limited to, the problems within any particular healthcare system. Like any other field, healthcare is not entirely devoid of problems. Reporting on healthcare matters has been determined to be insufficient and this has raised concerns over the reporting system. There has been a few problems that result to this inefficacy. Here are some major issues surrounding reporting in healthcare problems.


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Lucy Parsons
Omni Tech Solutions

I think SSF Children is taking very important initiatives for the overall health care, wellness and development of children irrespective of their nationality. This is truly one of the premier cross-border child care and development agencies that I have come across.

Bailey Frost
Parts America

SSF Children has been instrumental in several vital vaccination programmes involving the children aged below 10 years of age, and its volunteers have helped the government in providing free vaccinations to all children in the particular age group.

Kieran Barlow
Purity Supreme

Kudos to the efforts of SSF Children and all its team members for being so committed and involved towards the prime cause of child welfare and child health from a universal perspective, over a consistent period of time.
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A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!
A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!
A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!